Sails Full of Stars

Many things were broken


The first punch thrown, our cast of characters found themselves embroiled in a bar-room brawl.

The eager chanting of the crowd — “fight, fight, fight, fight” — caused an unexpected reaction from Trigger’s cybernetic implants. A massive flash and bang knocked most everyone backward (and many of the mob off their feet entirely). After thus kicking the fight into high gear, however, he made his way to the corner safely and protected the cook in the corner.

Osman and Zang fought off both the massive tank and the fidgety knife-man with some amount of grace. Osman, with improvised weaponry and Zang with swift kicks to the back of the knees.

In the end, after drawing a knife, but wielding it ineffectively, the small jittery man ran from the bar and the big brute calmed down after taking a little more of a beating than he anticipated.

Dakota was…otherwise occupied.


nbfritz nbfritz

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