Sails Full of Stars

First session after vacation

After I return from my MN trip, the next session will be Tuesday June 6.

Many things were broken


The first punch thrown, our cast of characters found themselves embroiled in a bar-room brawl.

The eager chanting of the crowd — “fight, fight, fight, fight” — caused an unexpected reaction from Trigger’s cybernetic implants. A massive flash and bang knocked most everyone backward (and many of the mob off their feet entirely). After thus kicking the fight into high gear, however, he made his way to the corner safely and protected the cook in the corner.

Osman and Zang fought off both the massive tank and the fidgety knife-man with some amount of grace. Osman, with improvised weaponry and Zang with swift kicks to the back of the knees.

In the end, after drawing a knife, but wielding it ineffectively, the small jittery man ran from the bar and the big brute calmed down after taking a little more of a beating than he anticipated.

Dakota was…otherwise occupied.

Zang pretends he knows what he's doing...


After being sent on their way and being left at the base of the gangplank, our heroes went their separate ways to get ready to set sail.

  • Osman went for a drink. Several, in fact, before running into an old fling and offering to try to get her passage on the ship.
  • Dakota stealthily cleaned out his storefront before returning to the ship. He managed to avoid any uncomfortable questions from his landlord during the process.
  • Zang, with every reason to avoid being seen around town, sought out Trigger’s assistance in getting situated in the navigation room. Trigger pretty quickly figured out that Zang didn’t have a clue how to operate the equipment or read the charts, but was duly impressed by Zang’s ability to pick up the requisite knowledge.
  • After giving Zang some homework, Trigger packed his gear and returned to the ship, but was unable to find the captain. He was, however, able to find a cook that…JUST…WOULDN’T…STOPTALKING. After sharing some interesting information about the attack, the cook agreed to share more information at the nearest pub (since Trigger was heading that way to gather up Osman, anyway). Since Dakota and Zang had overheard the conversation, Trigger conscripted them to join him.

Upon arriving at the pub, Osman introduced his female friend to Trigger who, upon being greeted, proceeded to emit a very loud and lewd whistle from one of his cybernetic parts. Osman took offense and the whistle drew the attention and ire of two other past associates of the old fling. A massive wall of a human being and a shifty and jittery little criminal type stepped in to defend the woman’s honor, but quickly became more interested in how the other was involved.

Osman took an ill-aimed swing at Trigger and punched the jittery jailbird instead. And thus a bar-room brawl began. Zang and Dakota scurried out of the way as best they could.

A Captain Looking for a Crew


Our heros found themselves at the base of the gangplank leading into The Taus i Bahri. After a long wait, the were led, as a group, to meet Captain Nikola bint Davud. Each of them was able to convince the captain that they would be a valuable member of his crew.

  • Zang demonstrated his knowledge and competence as the ship’s navigator.
  • Dakota easily convinced the captain that he was a worth replacement for the recently deceased ship’s doctor.
  • Osman earned a place in the cargo hold.
  • In a surprise twist (to at least the GM), Trigger argued successfully that his years of experience would make him a valuable First Mate. The captain seemed reluctant to let Trigger into his inner circle, but was won over (at least provisionally) by Trigger’s impressive history…and his own lack of other options.

Our cast of characters were sent on their way and instructed to report for duty by sunset the next day.



Campaign Setup

In addition to covering the basic rules of fate, and beginning to build up characters, we established the following key aspects for the world itself:

  • Players will meet and form a team during the first adventure
  • The campaign will begin on Mars
  • A “fresh-faced new captain looking for a crew” will be the initial adventure hook
  • The looming threat is that “the dragon masters are coming”…but we have no idea what that means yet.

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