Sails Full of Stars

Sails Full of Stars takes place in the middle of a nineteenth century that never happened. It’s a world where merchant and military vessels unfurl their sails in the vacuum of space. Engineers construct fantastic machines, and alchemists push the boundaries of chemistry and mortality. Colonists of asteroid belts watch nervously for pirate raiders. And if you’re sailing out beyond the orbit of Jupiter, you might catch a glimpse of a dragon swimming through the starry void.

This world can be described as steampunk, where the capabilities of science are much different than in our own world. These leaps of technology have changed the course of history, dividing dominance of the solar system among three Great Powers: the French Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and the Chinese Empire. Each strives to tip the balance of power by establishing extraterrestrial colonies, by investing in technological breakthroughs, and by employing the traditional tools of diplomacy and espionage.



I am NOT using the story ideas found in the campaign book, so feel free to read all the way through the entire thing if that helps with understanding Fate and the setting.

Sails Full of Stars

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